Heather E.  Wilson

GINfluencer | Podcast Host | Author | Speaker

Be GINspired!

Heather E. Wilson is a renowned GINfluencer and the host of GINSPIRED, the #1 gin-focused podcast in the world. She is a sought-after speaker, author, and GINdustry personality.

Heather's passion for gin began in the 1990’s, and was reGINerated in 2019 with a trip to Europe, where she re-discovered the world of artisanal gin distilleries. Fascinated by the complex flavors and unique botanical blends, she returned to Canada determined to bring this love of gin to the masses.

Since then, Heather has become a leading voice in the world of gin. Her podcast explores the stories behind the GIN. Be GINspired by the tales of GIN, and the people and passion that make the culture of gin what it is today. Heather is GINcurious and takes you on adventures around the world finding GIN in all the right places. Her following is growing and she is regularly invited to speak at industry events and festivals.

Heather's passion for all things gin has also led her to become an author, with her first cookbook, "GINSPIRED: The Ultimate Gin Cookbook” being released to critical acclaim.

As a GINfluencer, Heather is now taking her passion for gin on the road, hosting speaking events across the globe to share her knowledge and GINthusiasm with others. From gin tastings and cocktail demonstrations to in-depth discussions on the history and future of gin, Heather's workshops are a must-attend event for anyone interested in the world of GIN.

Through her work as a speaker, author, podcast host, and GINfluencer, Heather E. Wilson has become a true GINnovator, GINspiring others to discover and appreciate the unique flavours and culture of gin.